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Ceramic Coating: What is it? Benefits? Disadvantages?

Ceramic Coating: Does It Really Work? Have you ever thought about applying ceramic coating to your car? Do the popular claims of it preserving your car’s paint job hold true? Is it better than waxing and polishing? How does it fare against the advantages of a paint...

Paint Correction: Removing Paint Defects the Right Way

Paint Correction: Things to Know Before Purchasing Have you ever been put off by the look of your own car? Wash-induced swirls and pockmarks all over as well as hairline scratches on the corners. Oozing the beauty out of your wagon. And embarrassing you for owning it...

What is Ceramic Coating

WHAT’S BETTER? Do you often see yourself checking the paint job of your car to ensure it is in good condition? Does even a small scratch, even if it is by your own mistake, distress you? If yes, then we are rowing the same boat. Naturally, you might already be aware...

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