How long do ceramic coatings last?

How long it will Ceramic Coatings lasts and why you should get one

The automotive industry is embracing ceramic coatings, a relatively new technology. They are a particular kind of nano-ceramic coating that offers better protection for cars and other methods of transportation.

Your car can be protected by ceramic coatings from minor scuffs, dirt, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. They also give your car's paint job a glossy shine, keeping it looking new for years.

Ceramic coatings are a fantastic option for protecting your car and maintaining its outstanding appearance for years to come! It's almost like a super-wax and you never have to wax the exterior for as long as the ceramic coating last!

Porsche Macan getting its Modesta Ceramic Coating properly cured

What are ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer and is considered an added layer of automotive paint protection.

It is applied to the car's exterior and provides an extra layer of protection to your car against harmful UV rays, minor scratches, fading, dirt, chemical, and any other physical abrasions.

There are different types of ceramic coating and Professional-Applied Ceramic Coating is the most popular kind. It's considered the one which can provide the highest level of protection which with regular maintenance can last up to five to ten years.

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring after Modesta Ceramic Coating

Different Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings come in a wide variety of varieties nowadays. Here are the different types of ceramic coating:

PTFE-based sprays or commonly known as Teflon-based sprays. When it comes to ceramic coatings, they have the lowest strength. With little protection, these sprays can produce surfaces that are extremely hydrophobic. Additionally, it excels in producing a non-stick surface and heat protection.

SIO BOOST SPRAYS. These goods have silicon dioxide or silica in them. Additionally, some contain titanium dioxide. The SiO boost sprays strengthen and improve the hydrophobic qualities of the car's factory paint job, much as the PTFE sprays did.The SiO ones are different since they make use of nanotechnology.This enables the SiO and TiO to penetrate the car paint's extremely microscopic crevices and cause damages that are invisible to the unaided eye.Together, they create a stronger foundation for the paint coat layer.

CONSUMER CERAMIC COATINGS. These coatings can be found online or retail stores. are applied professionally. Although many DIY ceramic coatings are capable of being applied to different materials, these all-in-one solutions simply don’t hold up the same. Some will last for about a year – while others might push the protection to 24 months.

PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC COATINGS. These coatings are applied professionally. SiO and TiO are also incorporated into them. They are combined with other solvents and concentrated. Because of this, when applied by a qualified installer or professional detailer, they are simpler to apply and bind with the layer. Compared to PTFE spray this one has more safeguards. It can protect a car's paint from UV radiation, swirl marks, and other minuscule flaws.Nano Ceramic coating makes a surface that is hydrophobic and helps improve the glossiness of finished paint.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage getting a Paint Correction before Modesta Ceramic Coating

What are the  Ceramic Coating Options

There are three options available when it comes to ceramic coatings – “consumer”, “prosumer” or "industrial" - the real long-term professional ceramic coatings. Professional and industrial ceramic coatings are only sold to professionally trained installers, while anyone can purchase other ceramic coatings.

Here is a short list of consumer-grade products to stay away from:

  • Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Ceramic Pro Sport
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze
  • Ceramic Pro Silver
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light
  • Gtechniq EXO
  • IGL Kenzo
  • Pearl Nano
  • Ethos
  • Gyeon ONE
  • Gyeon MOHS
  • CarPro CQuartz
  • CarPro CQuartz UK
  • CarPro CQuartz Skin
  • CarPro CQuartz GLISS
  • System X Non-Professional
  • XPEL Fusion
  • Owners Pride/ECP/Simonize/Diamond Plate or any dealer coating
  • Anything “Graphene”
  • Any Coatings without a Professional Training Requirement
  • Any Coating without a genuine warranty – if it’s backed by a shop, it’s not a real warranty.

Here is a short list of Professional-Only Products that you can Trust!

  • Modesta
  • Nanolex
  • Ceramic Pro ION
  • Gtechniq Ultra
  • CarPro Cquartz Finest
BMW M8 after Modesta Ceramic Coating

The benefits of ceramic coatings

The advantages of ceramic coatings are numerous.The greatest benefit is the protection they offer against UV rays, grime, and harsh chemical cleaners. Furthermore, the coatings are hydrophobic, which means that no liquid may get through their barrier. When dealing with toxins like insect stings, tree sap, and bird droppings, this is especially helpful.

Ceramic coatings are also extremely slick. This helps in lowering drag, which can improve fuel economy and lower the accumulation of dirt on the car's wheels and tires.

Additionally, Ceramic Coating is a great investment for your car's longevity and aesthetic protection.

Audi RS4 getting a Paint Correction before Modesta Ceramic Coating

How long do ceramic coatings last?

Ceramic coating lifespans can vary significantly and are affected by numerous factors. Factors could consist of, but not be limited to:

  • The coating itself; the quality of the ceramic coating
  • The method used to apply the coating; how effectively it is applied
  • The Conditions and the environment your vehicle is exposed to
  • Following the application of a coating, how well coating was maintained?

Professionally-applied Ceramic Coatings typically last 5 to 10 years, depending on the coating's quality and technique of application. There are some coating that comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Its durability also varies depending on the surface it will be applied. There are coatings available paint, glass, trim, wheels, interior leather and vinyl, interior fabric, etc.

Mustang GT500 after Modesta Ceramic Coating

What Causes Your Ceramic Car Coating to wear out Quickly?

You want the ceramic coating to last as long as possible because it is an investment. You must therefore avoid doing anything that would prematurely wear it out. Your coating may need to be replaced too soon for a variety of reasons, including:

Extreme weather conditions while driving. Your car's clear coat will expand and contract more regularly if you reside in a region with intense heat or cold.

Regularly cleaning your car using harsh chemicals. It can behave like sandpaper when you use dishwashing soap, acid, or other cleaners that are too harsh for the ceramic coating, which will eventually wear the coating's surface. Just be careful with what you use because this reduces its ability to withstand water penetration.

Polishing your car's exterior. When it comes to coating maintenance, people frequently make this error. Ceramic coatings shouldn't ever be polished because doing so will make them less efficient at keeping out water and preventing corrosion on your car.

Porsche GT2RS after Modesta Ceramic Coating

The best time to get a ceramic coating

When your car is brand new, has been detailed and the paint is in good shape after a proper paint correction, it is the ideal time to apply a ceramic coating!

Ceramic coatings help maintain and protect the exterior paint on your car. It also enhances the overall aesthetics of the glossy finish or matte paint of your car. Several aspects, such as proper application and types of ceramic coating and how you maintain the coating increases its lifespan ranging from 5 to 10 years.  Ceramic coatings can offer a strong, long-lasting layer of protection against the weather and chemical cleaning agents when properly applied.

Have questions about ceramic coatings? Do you want to have a ceramic coating put on your car? Get in touch with one of the best and original ceramic coating installers in Houston! Visit store at 6261 Richmond Avenue, Suite C Houston, TX 77057.

Ford Raptor after Modesta Ceramic Coating

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