Is XPEL the Best Paint Protection Film for Your Car?

Understanding the Differences: SunTek vs. XPEL

1. Manufacturing Quality and Origin
  • SunTek Films: Proudly manufactured in Martinsville, Virginia, SunTek controls every aspect of production, ensuring top-notch quality. Their facilities span over 1 million square feet, encompassing dyeing, metallizing, extruding, and finishing processes, with integrated quality control.
  • XPEL: Produced in India and China, XPEL lacks the same level of manufacturing control, potentially affecting product consistency and quality.
2. Product Flexibility
  • SunTek Films: Offers shops the flexibility to choose the best products for their clients' needs, ensuring access to the latest and most effective solutions.
  • XPEL: Requires exclusive use of their entire product line, limiting shops to their branded ceramic coatings and other products, which may not always meet specific client needs.
3. Performance and Durability
  • SunTek Films: Renowned for superior clarity and resistance to yellowing, even under the harsh Houston sun, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance over time.
  • XPEL: Known to yellow and develop an orange peel texture over time, detracting from the vehicle’s look, especially in Houston weather.

The Importance of Expertise: Why Experience Matters More Than Brand

Choosing a high-quality PPF is important, but equally crucial is the expertise of the technicians applying it. The experience and skill of the shop play a significant role in the final outcome. Here’s why:

  • Preparation and Precision: Just like a painter who skips crucial steps in prepping a wall, a technician who lacks experience might miss essential steps in the PPF application process. This can lead to bubbles, improper adhesion, and other issues that compromise the protection and appearance of your car.
  • Attention to Detail: Consider a chef who doesn’t properly prep ingredients before cooking. The final dish, no matter how good the ingredients, will not be up to standard. Similarly, PPF application requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure a flawless finish.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: The value of comprehensive knowledge is akin to a seasoned architect who understands the intricacies of designing a building. Experienced technicians bring a deep understanding of the nuances of PPF application, ensuring that every curve and contour of your vehicle is perfectly protected.

The SunTek Advantage: Behind the Scenes

A tour of SunTek’s facilities revealed their commitment to quality:

  • Research and Development: SunTek’s products begin in the lab, undergoing rigorous testing and refinement. Their R&D Pilot Coder and Weatherometer simulate years of wear in weeks, ensuring products meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Quality Control: Integrated at every step, from concept to final production, ensuring consistent, high-quality output.

The Vivë Difference

At Vivë, we believe the true result of a completed car with PPF is not just the product but the experience of skilled technicians. Our team is trained to the highest standards, ensuring meticulous application and customer satisfaction. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Technicians: Our expertise ensures flawless application, maximizing the benefits of SunTek Films.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, rather than being constrained by brand limitations.
  • Demonstrated Excellence: We offer side-by-side demonstrations to showcase the superior clarity and quality of SunTek PPF.


While XPEL is a recognized name in paint protection film, the real difference lies in the quality of service and expertise provided by the shop. At Vive Auto, we choose SunTek Films for their superior manufacturing quality, flexibility, and performance. Trust us to protect your vehicle with the best products and the highest level of expertise.

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