Paint Correction: Removing paint defects the right way

Paint Correction: Things to know before purchasing

Have you ever been put off by the look of your own car? Wash-induced swirls and pockmarks all over as well as hairline scratches on the corners. Oozing the beauty out of your wagon. And embarrassing you for owning it which you once drove with mighty pride. Then, have you thought of using a paint correction detailing service to get back your car’s past glory? So that it becomes brand-new you can see your face in it?

Well, we all have. And that is where we at Vivë Auto Detailing want to help you. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know before opting for such a paint correction service.

Read on to find out what it is and what questions you need to ask yourself as well as the dealer before taking out your wallet.

What paint correction detailing is not

The first thing to know before opting in for a paint correction detailing is to understand that not all detailing jobs are equal. Each one differs from the other in many ways, including how it is executed and what equipment and products are used.

For example, equipment like rotary polishers can have a counter effect on your car giving rise to holograms. Same goes with bad polishing methods where general repairmen in mass production shops take on advanced jobs without much idea about the process. This is usually done to cater to the increasing demands of consumers who believe that a quick buff job is as good and worthy as an advanced paint correction detailing service.

Actually, the opposite is true. Different types of detailing services address different types of issues. While minor scratches can be taken care of with a wax job and prevented with a clear bra, paint defects need a more process-driven and intricate approach. And that is where the expertise of the detailer becomes important.

(On a slightly related note, this is also how most shops offer “cheap detailing” services. They market “quick wax jobs” and “one-time polish packages” and other similar services to car owners without providing a distinction between them. For them, it’s a business centered on customers who share and digest half-knowledge.)

Of course, that is not to undermine these types of services or those that provide them. There is clearly a burgeoning market for instant services, perhaps in line with how things are over at the digital world. Instead, our point is to help you differentiate a quality-based paint correction service from these jobs that usually make the car end up requiring rectification.

Understanding Paint Correction

Most of us know how these quick detailing jobs can sometimes do irreparable damage to your car. The best way to avoid that is to opt for authentic paint correction detailing services from a reputed dealer. And that is when you need to understand a little more about the process and the caveats surrounding its commercial capacity.

If there is one exterior car care activity that takes the most time and efforts then it is paint correction. Its process is dependent on a lot of individual activities including but not limited to tape application, decontamination, and machine polishing. It is a nifty solution for removal of swirls, micro-scratches, paint defects, and contamination.

Moreover, that shiny, sleek output that you get after a paint correction service is usually because of the magic that happens after the initial car wash and before the coating. This is where the difference lies in the quality of the services offered by a reputed dealer at a premium cost and a local player with a deal that looks too good to be true.

Do your Due Diligence

As a car owner, your aim would be to get the best service at the best rate. Unfortunately, the best rate does not always translate to a low price. As we just discussed above, paint correction is a time-consuming and labor-heavy service. Which is why it makes sense to go with a skilled, premium dealer who offers a single paint defects removal package than someone who brands their packages as “All-in-One Economical” and “The Instant Buff Job”.

It is a service that can either make or break your car’s exterior. Just consider this case which is a usual occurrence in the auto detailing market in Houston, TX. A mass production shop employs an unskilled person to carry out an advanced car detailing activity. The car comes out of the shop looking like brand-new with a shiny, mirror-like appearance. However, within a week the owner notices holograms in the bonnet, doors, and rear side of his car and drives back to the dealer for some answers. In most cases, this damage is cleared by another dealer because the original shop washed off its hands from the deal.

Hence, it is wise to be proactive and ask questions to yourself as well as the dealer that you end up choosing.

Ask the right questions

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Ask for close-up, before-and-after pictures and videos of the dealer’s previous work. Check if the photographs look like they could be stock images
  • Look for samples in all types of cars including dark-colored ones (black, blue, etc.)
  • Gauge from your conversation with the dealer if they sound and behave like they will take good care of your car.

In most cases, having a quick conversation with the person/s who will work on your car should give out active signals. Use your judgment to see if they know what they are talking. And then ask them to quickly take you through the process.

Do keep in mind the distinguishing factors of a paint correction service. And do specify what you are ultimately looking out for to help them provide better assistance.

Final Thoughts

You will need a paint correction detailing if you observe serious impairments on your car’s paint. If they are beyond the scope of a wax job, then you should look at investing in this advanced activity. Remember the factors involved in the process and keep your questions ready.

In case you are looking for assistance or just happen to know someone who drives a car with holograms all over it, just send them to us. Vivë Auto Detailing is a leader in paint correction detailing in the Houston area. We give all our cars a personal touch.

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