Clear Bra Benefits: Why you need to get one

Clear Bra: the benefits of applying paint protection film to your car?

In the past decade, applying clear bra, is a necessity to car enthusiasts and for those who liked to take extreme care of their cars.

But all that was in the past. Things have changed now. Today, when it comes to a car’s upkeep, a clear bra is an absolute must-have.

Its advantages in modern-day paint maintenance are incomparable, thanks to the advanced technology and TPU material used in clear bra. Yet, some car owners have reservations about using a clear bra. The factor of cost, fueled by some industry myths surrounding it, make them disregard it completely.

But there is more to it than what meets the eye. And today we are going to dive slightly deeper and find out what…

Why Clear Bra?

If you own a car that has dark paint or take daily commutes, you don’t even need to read this part. Jump directly to the next section and check out the advantages of a clear bra, sometimes also known as a paint protection film (PPF).

On the other hand, if you own a new car, you should continue reading. A clear bra basically creates an additional layer of protection above your car’s original paint job, thus preventing it from potential scratches and rock chips.

One of the biggest myths about buying a new car is that you don’t have to worry about the paint. We can say for sure that it is not true.

New cars that are sitting in dealership showrooms for weeks and months (and sometimes, even years) are the worst casualties. Other than the constant exposure to weather and the harsh environment, these cars are rarely maintained. As a result, their glow begins to fade, which only becomes apparent to the owner a few weeks after the sale has gone through.

This is just one of the many reasons to apply a clear bra to your car regardless of when you bought it. If you are someone who gets worried over even a hairline scratch on your car, then you have many more reasons to explore the benefits of PPF and apply it today.

Although a wax or a buff is generally considered sufficient for a car, there is a silver lining in a clear bra that always gets the most loyal of car owners. Let’s find that out…

Advantages of applying clear bra

A clear bra not only takes care of your car’s precious paint and its shine but also saves you a heartache. Because we all know how heartbreaking it is to find – when back from work, inside your garage – that a pointy rock had unintentionally hit the front bumper. Turns the whole day around, doesn’t it?

No more with a clear bra for cars. These are its top advantages:

  • Prevents against rock chips
  • Protects and prevents the internal metals from eroding
  • Increases the resale value of your car as the paint job looks brand-new
  • Can be replaced easily without affecting the original paint job
  • Can be used to cover the entire car or specific parts
  • Protects the car from weather and chemical reactions

Getting a clear bra for your car may now feel like something you should have done yesterday. So, if you plan to do it, make sure you keep the following points in mind while talking to a clear bra installer.

Thing to consider while getting clear bra

These are the points to live by when it comes to applying PPF to your car:

  • Choose a reputable installer in your area that employs professional and skilled technicians. Installing clear bra on a car is as meticulous a job as painting.
  • Go with trusted and popular brands like SunTek, S-TEK or XPEL that provide a no-holds-barred warranty (for example, the SunTek Ultra film provides a decent warranty period of 10 years)
  • Decide what areas of your car you want to cover. Most common places for a clear bra are the front and rear bumpers, hood, side mirrors and doors, and fenders. You can also go for a full car coverage.

It is important to consider these points while getting clear bra installed on your car, to prevent any sub-par installation:

Two of the most common missteps when it comes to clear bra installation are:

  • Not choosing a good brand – yellowing, cracking and peeling around the edges
  • Not hiring a professional installer. Bad clear bra jobs lead to air bubbles and uneven cuts that will make your car stand out for the wrong reasons, even worst, cuts on your paint.

Final Thoughts

Today, a clear bra for cars is akin to screen protectors for smartphones. There’s no question about why it is needed or why some people choose to apply it. And now we know why.

So, choose wisely and go with a brand/dealer that you can fully depend on. It may initially sound like an unneeded expense, but not when you think about it in the long-term, and years later when you decide to sell your car for a good price…

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