How to Protect Your New Car

Give Your Car the Ultimate Protection!

I have something very important to talk to you about.  It’s something that most vehicle owners don’t put much thought into, but I sure do, and I bet you do, too.  It’s your paint job.  It… might not be perfect.  

I know.  Horrifying.  

Scratches in the paint, overspray, defects in the finish, runs, and a host of other possible problems can happen to anybody.  They can even be present in a brand new car's paint job before you drive it off the lot, and from a warranty perspective they could be considered to be normal Wear and Tear.  If you are purchasing a brand new car, you may have a brief window of a day or two to report these defects to the manufacturer, if you’re lucky.  After that, they're your problem.  

Yes, sadly, any car can have flaws in the paint.  The fact is, the environmentally friendly waterborne paint used by manufacturers today is just not as tough and durable as the paint you would have found on high-end vehicles in the past.  Right out of the gate, there may be defects that you might notice right away, or then again… you might not.

That’s where we come in.  You need trained, experienced eyes to inspect your vehicle with a thoroughness only professionals - professionals who LOVE cars - can provide.  We are happy to inspect every nanometer of your new car, catch each and every flaw or defect, and sometimes work directly with the manufacturer to arrange for repairs.  This takes the burden of inspection off of you and allows you to just enjoy your ride knowing that it is as close to perfect as possible.

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My Car's Paint is Perfect.  Now How Do We Keep it That Way?

Protection for your high end car’s delicate paint begins with paint correction and nano ceramic coatings.  There are literally billions of insects, birds, and other natural troublemakers out there, just waiting to ruin your paint - not to mention the dirt and debris that is bound to be kicked up no matter where you're driving.  Nano ceramic coatings have been proven to protect against these hazards better than any traditional paste wax, and they give your car a head-turning glossy finish.  Now you can toodle around town in style… instead of spending your weekend waxing your ride.

We can protect everything on your car’s exterior - paint, brake calipers, wheels... you name it - with easy-to-clean, hydrophobic ceramic coatings.  And we can keep the ceramic coatings performing their best with proper maintenance and decontamination service that gets rid of any grime, dust, oil, and other build-up that may occur.

BEFORE Paint Correction
AFTER Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating is Great.  Paint Protection Film is Better.

Our paint protection film (PPF) is a thermoplastic polyurethane material that's about a hundred times thicker than a ceramic coating (don't worry - we're still talking microns, so you won't see a thing) that wraps your car in a soft protective membrane. PPF is designed to deflect road debris as well as self-heal from light scratches.  Combined with ceramic coating, our PPF will give your car's finish the ultimate in glossy, easy-to-clean protection.

Paint protection film can take just about all the abuse the world can throw at it before the actual paint ever even comes into play.  A rock kicked up by a semi or a scrape in the parking lot doesn't have to mean a nightmare of color matching, re-painting, blending, and hoping nobody notices.  We can simply remove and replace the damaged panel of the PPF itself, and you're back in business. (Just don't expect your paint job to miraculously remain intact if your luxury ride somehow becomes involved in a county fair demolition derby.  Even PPF can only do so much.)

Paint Protection Film Application

Where Should the PPF Go on My Car?

You're going to want the protection of PPF wherever your precious car's paint is most vulnerable.  Of course this means the entire front end, including hood, fenders, bumper, lights, and side mirrors, as these will face a constant onslaught of potentially damaging debris when you're out on the road.  You should also consider PPF protection for your rear bumper and trunk jamb area so debris from your rear tires or a runaway shopping cart won't chip any paint back there.  

At Vivë, we proudly offer STEK DYNOshield, which is not only amazingly hydrophobic, but its self-healing function is stunning.  And once you get a taste of what it’s like to have a fully self-healing car, you’ll never go back.  STEK DYNOshield allows you to have a beautifully flawless finishing without the constant visits to the detail shop (though we offer phenomenal detailing services, too *wink*).

Paint Protection Film Application Areas

What About My Glass?  Can You Wrap That, Too?

We sure can!  We have two types of glass protection.  Windshield protection film is applied to the outside of your windshield to protect it from rocks, debris, and other nasties that could chip, pit, or crack your windshield.  Windshield protection film isn’t the best option if you’re in a rainy climate, as frequent windshield wiper use can cause marring and scratching on your windshield film, eventually resulting in a distracting (and dangerous) glare.  In Houston, rain isn’t usually that big of a problem, so windshield protection film might be a good option for you.

We also highly recommend Glassparency, a safety product that quickly sheds water from your vehicle’s windows, giving you much more visibility and less glare.  Glassparency is also the only product of its kind on the market that provides this protection while not causing your wipers to chatter.  And we’ll admit, it’s pretty fun to watch the rain droplets skitter away on your windscreen as you cruise the highway at 65mph.  Or maybe that’s just us.

STEK Windshield Protection Film

Okay, I’ve Got a Handle on What the Outside Needs. What About the Inside?

One of the drawbacks of all that sparkly glass on your car is that it lets in massive amounts of UV and infrared light, causing the interior of your pride and joy to feel like a greenhouse.  Not only is that bad for your bum on a hot Houston day, but it’s also terrible for your skin AND your car’s interior, causing both to fade and crack over time. That’s why we use STEK NEXseries Ceramic Window Tint, which offer amazing optical clarity as well as best-in-class heat and UV protection for your vehicle’s cabin.

(We do not, however, recommend STEK NEXseries on your own skin, however.  Please consult a dermatologist for advice there.)

STEK NEXseries Ceramic-Graphene Window Tint

I Might As Well Wrap the Whole Car, Right?

Wrap the whole car?  That's a GREAT idea!  Only with a full-body PPF wrap will you get the full benefit of our PPF's hydrophobic and self-healing capabilities.  You'll also get protection on areas of your car that individual PPF panels would leave exposed, all with a seamless, clean, custom installation.  You can drive your shiny car in any environment with the confidence of knowing it's going to stay that way.  

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Full Car Paint Protection Film

Can I Actually Drive My Car Now?

Yes!  YES!  You’ve been waiting on pins and needles to drive this car since the day you picked it out (and probably before).  The sooner you can get your car to us for coverage, the better - straight off the lot if possible!   Once you’re secure in the knowledge that your car can handle whatever the road can throw at it, you can finally take it out, stretch its legs (tires?), and enjoy the impressed and envious stares of the locals.  It’s well worth the wait.  Enjoy your beautiful vehicle and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can do anything else to help you protect it.

Contact us today about protecting the paint on your pride and joy!  We can't wait to get started.

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