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Like many discerning car owners, you want to gather as much information as you can before moving forward with a ceramic coating installation company.  Building trust is extremely difficult, where you will come across numerous misleading information that lure you into buying their services on the basis of false promises. Ceramic coating is an investment and must be chosen wisely. Vivë has been a certified professional coating installer since 2007, here are some facts and advice in the article below.

You Can Either...

Damage your bumper and have to spend....

To Apply an inferior coating
To fix poor ceramic coating installation
Days loss of time
To apply a premium ceramic coating

Save Time and Money

Cost to professionally install a nano ceramic coating

9 Essential Questions to Ask before purchasing a nano ceramic coating.

Is the price too good to be true?

It is natural to want to find the best value when selecting products and services. Once you understand what it takes to properly and professionally apply a ceramic coating to a vehicle, you will see why we like to say, “You get what you pay for.”

Yes, there are many low-priced ceramic coating installers out there, all claiming to do a great job. But doing it right takes dedication, commitment and time – all things that these bargain basement installers simply can’t afford to give you.

You will soon come to realize that what seemed to be a “great deal” has turned into money down the drain. At the very least, the coating may not last and will have to be reapplied by someone else, at additional cost to you. In the worst-case scenario, your vehicle’s finish could be ruined and need repainting. That cheap coating job just got very expensive.

A top-notch ceramic coating installation requires all of the steps necessary to assure a high-quality result. This includes proper paint preparation, decontamination of the exterior body surfaces, and the correct curing time after the coating has been applied. This usually takes many hours, and sometimes even days to complete.

At Vivë Auto Detailing, we take the time that’s necessary to perform all of these key processes, with an obsessive attention to detail. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction, both now and in the future.

How does the warranty process work if the coating fails?

Always read the fine print on the warranty card. Most often vehicle owners fall for fake advertisements that falsely promise a ‘lifetime warranty’, as a matter of fact there’s no such thing as ‘lifetime warranty’. If the original installer goes out of business or you relocate to a different city, the warranty stands void.In case you’re not satisfied with the installation, most businesses will only refund between 30% to 50% of the total invoice.Don’t overlook the importance aspects of installation, rather look for companies that maintain complete transparency and incorporate all the necessary steps and stages of the coating installation process.

What steps do you take to get my vehicle ready for the first steps of the ceramic coating installation?

To assure that every square inch of your vehicle’s exterior can be properly prepared, it is important to  remove your vehicle’s license plates and emblems. This eliminates any problems that can result from untreated areas, or from road debris and contaminants that can accumulate around your vehicle’s emblems.

What if I want ceramic coating applied to my vehicles wheel faces and brake callipers?

Your vehicle’s wheels and brake calipers are an important part of its overall appearance. The process of cleaning and protecting the wheel faces and brake calipers is important and often its additional cost is justified, also ask questions to understand if the detailer is well equipped with the latest tools to torque the lug nuts to factory condition.

How do you apply the ceramic coating without scratching my vehicle’s paint?

It takes long hours perfecting and polishing the paint surface, even then it’s not 100% protected. Even the tiniest contaminant is highly potent of causing damage to a freshly polished surface, therefore it is important that a new applicator is used at every stage of the coating process.As we apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle’s finish, we constantly change the application cloths we use to apply the coating. This reduces the possibility that any contaminants can scratch the paint. We use at least one new applicator cloth for each body panel.

What is curing and how long does it take?

The process of curing hardens the ceramic coating for maximum protection and durability. This requires the use of a high quality Infrared Curing Lamp, which the vehicle must be exposed to for a full 24 hours. This results in the hardest coating, with impeccable performance, and a radiant shine that will stand up to rain, mud, and other inclement weather conditions. Every vehicle that we install a ceramic coating on receives this treatment.

How can you be sure that the ceramic coating has been applied correctly?

Ceramic coatings along with ‘carrier fluids’ produces a smooth application and removal. The complete removal of the carrier fluid is absolutely crucial, failing to do so results in the formation of hardened streaks and smears, also known as high spots, which will ruin the pristine look of your vehicle.Once the ceramic coating has been applied, we check that the coated surfaces are smooth and even, without any streaks or smears. We do this inspection using both high powered LED lighting and natural sunlight.

Will you keep in touch with me as my vehicle goes through the ceramic coating installation process?

Time can be a negotiable factor in return of a hassle free and a long lasting premium quality ceramic coating. At Vivë, if we feel the need to invest more time in your vehicle, you will be contacted to maintain a strong communication to update you about the progress, along with a proposed date of completion. Quality demands a large amount of time to perfect the most intricate details.

Do you provide any service after my ceramic coating installation has been completed?

Vivë includes a free follow up wash and inspection, a few weeks after you have your vehicle back, at no additional cost.
This takes care of 2 things:

a) To ensure your first wash is flawless and you see the actual results of the ceramic coating.

b) To ensure our installation is phenomenal.

During the first month the glowing finish will be your favourite frequent sight, and that’s when we’ll assume everything is perfect. Self-scrutiny truly helps us become better in our responsibility to keep our promise to our clients.

Is your detailer asking you questions about the maintenance measures that you plan to take after the coating is successfully installed?

Maintenance of the vehicle after it is coated is an important follow up process. Each of our client will receive various maintenance products to remove bird bombs, bug splatters and various other damaging factors. These maintenance products enhances the durability of the coating, thereby ensuring long lasting results.

Why quality costs a bit more.

While shopping around, we would highly suggest asking if they go through these rigorous steps to ensure proper installation. You want to hear terms like ‘maximum clarity,’ ‘zero haze,’ ‘no marring,’ ‘no swirls,’ ‘crystal clear finish,’ and a guarantee of workmanship, expected durability and proper maintenance.Aside from answering your questions, they should also ask how you plan to maintain your vehicle after it is coated. While it is easy, it does not clean itself.  A nano coating is a not a force field.

Benefits of having both

Paint protection film vs. Nano ceramic coating

In a market saturated with ceramic paint coating installers, it has become difficult for consumers to find the “right” installation facility for their vehicle. Despite the wild claims of some manufacturers and installers, here is a chart to help you out:

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