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Like many discerning car owners, you want to gather as much information as you can before moving forward with a paint protection film installation company.  Building trust is extremely difficult, where you will come across numerous misleading information that lure you into buying their services/products on the basis of false promises. Paint protection film is an investment and must be chosen wisely. Vivë has been a certified professional paint protection film installer since 2007, here are some facts and advice in the article below.

You Can Either...

Damage your bumper and have to spend....

To repaint bumper
To replace led headlights
Days Lost

Save Time and Money

Cost of paint protection film applied to bumper and headlights, preventing any damage

9 Essential Questions to Ask before purchasing paint protection film

What steps do you take to get my vehicle ready for paint protection film?

We give the vehicle a gentle hand wash using the 3-Bucket Method and air dry. This is followed by a thorough clay bar treatment to decontaminate the paint. Next comes a paint iron remover treatment, which eliminates fine metallic particles like iron filings and brake dust, that are invisible to the naked eye. Once this is completed, we will evaluate the paint’s condition prior to any film installation.

Will you be polishing or removing any defects prior to film installation?

This is an extremely important step prior to film installation, but most, if not all shops in the Houston area fail to perform this crucial task. How do you feel about applying film over scratches, rock chips or paint defects?

How will you ensure the film is a proper fit?

A highly skilled film installer uses both custom cut techniques and CNC Digital Machined Patterns. Custom cut film does not equal to perfect installation. We determine the best possible installation using a combination of custom cut pieces or a CNC-machined template. It is impossible to completely custom cut PPF and it requires hours of labor, time, and a large cost to you, for no beneficial reasons. Custom cut also comes with human errors, with human errors, you are more likely to have a improper install.

How will you ensure the film will be installed correctly?

Once the paint protection film has been applied, we check that the protected surfaces are smooth and even, without any bubbles or stretch marks. We do this inspection using both high powered LED lighting and natural sunlight. After about 30 days, the film tends to shift from everyday driving and requires trimming of all excessive film.

Is your detailer asking you questions about the maintenance measures that you plan to take after the film is successfully installed?

Maintenance of the vehicle after it is protected is an important follow up process. Each of our client will receive instructions to remove bird bombs, bug splatters and various other damaging factors. These instructions enhances the durability of the film, thereby ensuring long lasting results.

How is the film cured?

A high quality infrared thermal curing lamp is an important component for the installation of the most impeccable film installation.

How do you check for stretch marks and what tests are performed to guarantee protection from stretch marks or excessive ghosting lines?

Paint protection film along with ‘adhesive fluids’ produces a smooth application and removal. The complete removal of the adhesive fluid is absolutely crucial, failing to do so results  adhesive marks at the edges, and the film is more sensitive to tension. Vivë maintains extreme caution by exposing the coating to an adequate amount of natural and LED light.

Will you be called, in case the completion process requires additional times, to discuss the progress along with a proposed date of completion?

Time can be a negotiable factor in return of a hassle free and a long lasting premium quality paint protection film. At Vivë, if we feel the need to invest more time in your vehicle, you will be contacted to maintain a strong communication to update you about the progress, along with a proposed date of completion. Quality demands a large amount of time to perfect the most intricate details.

Are any follow up services and/or maintenance products mentioned in the quote provided?

Vivë provides a follow up wash with all paint protection film installation to each client at no additional cost.

This takes care of 2 things:

a) To ensure ensure our installation is phenomenal.
b) To trim and remove excess film.

Self-scrutiny truly helps us become better in our responsibility to keep our promise to our clients.

Save yourself the heartache

While shopping around, I would highly suggest personally speaking with the owner, and asking if they go through these rigorous steps to ensure proper installation. You want to hear terms like ‘proper fitment,’ ‘no stretch marks,’ ‘no adhesive marks,’ ‘no swirls,’ ‘crystal clear finish,’ and a guarantee of workmanship, expected durability and proper maintenance.

Aside from answering your questions, they should also ask how you plan to maintain your vehicle after it is coated. While it is easy, it does not clean itself.  This is where we introduce a waterless wash product to mitigate bird bombs, water spots or bug splatters.

Benefits of having both

Paint protection film vs. Nano ceramic coating

In a market saturated with ceramic paint coating installers, it has become difficult for consumers to find the “right” installation facility for their vehicle. Despite the wild claims of some manufacturers and installers, here is a chart to help you out:

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