It’s been a crazy week. Full shop with all of them getting paint protection film, nano ceramic coating and paint correction.
We’re entering into busy season, if you or know someone that’s shopping for these services and don’t know “who to trust” or “why Shop A is more than Shop B?”.

Asking the right questions seeking out a specialist to install paint protection film, perform PROPER paint correction, install ceramic coatings and window tint can be challenging.

Here are 4 MUST ASK questions:
🔴 Can you walk me through the process of your paint protection film or ceramic coating installation (or any other service) from start to finish?
🔴 Can you show me documented work or before/after pictures of the service you are recommending?
🔴 Without being technical, can you give me the real world benefits of what you are suggesting?
🔴 Are you insured to work, move or store my vehicle or can you provide a proof of COI?

These are vital questions to know before investing in paint protection or refinement services.
You will without a doubt know if you are working with someone that has a professional business and a deep understanding of the processes and products.
Too often we hear stories of uninsured hobbyists, or shops that are offering these services to make a “quick buck”.
Do your due diligence and know what to ask.
Having the right questions to ask will make all the difference in the world.

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